A collection of videos including some of my compositions/recordings, interviews and book promotions

My latest song Down by the Pool being played in public for the first time at the Calpe Swing Fiesta October 2017. Sarah and I are both dancing here, but not together!
My live performance of Down by the Pool a few days later. We altered the lyrics to reflect the funny moments of the Calpe Swing Fiesta 2017. First time I'd sung live in years!
Sugar Push Blues

​Sarah asked me to compose a song for us to dance to. This was the result.
My recording of You've Got a Friend in Me ​from Toy Story, with a slide show from our recent California road trip 2017
Book promotion video

"Our illnesses are quite possibly the best things to have ever happened to us."
American Skies

Pictures from our Route 66 adventure put to my classical/blues   guitar    composition.
Same recording of You've Got a Friend in Me, ​but with different photos of us.
My favourite video of Sarah dancing with our dance teacher, three years after breast cancer. She's silhouetted in the middle wearing a red dress.
Talking on Radio Wales with Jamie Owen about my brain haemorrhage, brain surgery and Sarah's breast cancer
Talking at an online neurosurgical conference with Joni Aldrich and some neurosurgical experts (which I'm not, of course!)
The Reebok Song

Composed while taking a shower on holiday in the Canary Islands. Inspired by a good friend who runs marathons.

​Book promotion video

December 2016 sitting next to the Christmas tree. If you listen, you'll find out my views on Christmas.