Mark and Sarah's Florida Road Trip 2016

In 2014, we embarked on our first ever US road trip. We didn't do it by halves - we plunged feet-first into the road trip of all road trips by driving the length of Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. It was an amazing adventure and a perfect way of celebrating our triumphs over Sarah's breast cancer and my brain haemorrhage. I suppose it seems that we don't do ANYTHING by halves! Twelve months later we treated ourselves to a Caribbean beach resort holiday in the Dominican Republic, but throughout this we yearned to be back on the road. We realised that we are road-trippers at heart and so this year we set out on another road trip - around Florida. Read our daily Florida blogs and check out our Instagram slide shows here:
The Agenda
Day 3
NASA and our first alligator
Day 1 
Miami to Orlando
Day 2
​Universal Studios
Slide show
Slide show
Slide show
Day 6
​Dolphins and a manatee
Day 4
A wash-out
Day 5
Paradise Found
Slide show
Slide show
Slide show
Day 9
Key Largo
Day 7
The Everglades
Day 8
​Dancing in Miami
Slide show
Slide show
Slide show
Day 12
Key West to Miami
Day 10
Journey to Key West
Day 11
Relaxing at Key West
Slide show
Slide show
Slide show
Day 13
Reflections in Miami
Slide show
Why we've become road trippers.
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